Product Providers

Life Companies, fund management groups and service providers

I work with product and service providers in the following ways:

Intermediary distribution strategy: assisting companies seeking to enter new markets, increase market share, or re-assess existing strategies.

Product development strategy: working with development teams to design and enhance products.

Assessment of potential acquisitions: undertaking specific assignments for life companies, fund management groups or private equity firms in relation to commercial due diligence.

Example – buying new distribution

A discretionary fund manager (DFM) was considering making acquisitions to create a financial advice/wealth division to complement its existing investment management activities as it felt it needed to diversify and to compete with other DFMs who had done the same.

I drafted a report setting out the principle benefits and risks, and also a resource plan detailing the additional staff that they would need to effectively manage the new division.

I also provided an initial list of target intermediaries to approach based on an agreed set of acquisition criteria.

Roderic Rennison
Roderic Rennison FCII, FPFS, CFP™ Chartered MCSI, CDir FloD