Directorships and Trusteeships

Directorships and Trusteeships

The decision to become a non-executive director (NED), a part-time director or a trustee is a significant one for both the company or trust and me. I am lucky enough to have a wide range of companies, trusts and other organisations with whom I work.

I am happy to talk to other companies about how I could work with them. Time spent time getting to know one another before any commitment is made by either of us is a pre-requisite.

The first stage is to establish that there is a need for my services. On some occasions, consultancy will be more appropriate – at least for a period. We also both need to be confident that I bring the relevant experience and skills.

Then, there is the vital question of “chemistry”; the relationship between myself and any company or trust needs to be built not only mutual respect, but also requires that there is a mutual liking for one other.

I am a non-executive director of the following companies:

Obsidian Financial Ltd
Reassured Ltd and Reassured (Health) Ltd
Tavistock Investments Plc

I am a Director of:

Hi-Bob (UK) Ltd

I am a trustee of:

Wembley Multi-Academy Trust

Roderic Rennison
Roderic Rennison FCII, FPFS, CFP™ Chartered MCSI, CDir FloD