My approach to consultancy

My approach to consultancy

There is a widely used pejorative phrase applied to consultants: “give me your watch and I will tell you the time”. I will not accept an assignment unless I believe that I am qualified to undertake it applying relevant knowledge and expertise, and unless I am confident also that I can add value by working with, not just for, the client.

I will also not enter into a relationship unless I think that I am going to get on with the client. The first exploratory meeting (for which I never charge) is an opportunity for me to get to know what a prospective client wants and needs, whether I think that I can help, and if there is “Chemistry” which I regard as paramount and a pre-requisite.

How I deliver my services

I do not operate on a ‘one size fits all’ basis. Rather, I will, at the outset of any assignment, agree how this is best delivered, having regard to a client’s business and needs. Whilst some assignments will be delivered over a short period of just a few weeks, it may be appropriate to deliver others in discrete ‘blocks’ over a longer period of time in order to enable a client to implement changes on a rolling basis.

I am also able to provide a retainer service for access to on-going occasional advice which is likely to be applicable once an initial assignment has been completed.

I do not sub-contract my services to others to deliver. My clients pay for my expertise and my direct involvement. Any involvement of other specialists is specifically will be agreed with my client before they are involved and they will contract directly with the client for their services unless it is otherwise agreed.

I am happy to work with other consultants subject to the division of roles and responsibilities being made clear and agreed in advance, in writing.

Contractual aspects

After an initial meeting, if there is confirmed interest in proceeding, I will provide a written proposal. No costs are incurred until my brief has been agreed in writing, and it is mutually agreed that work should begin.

The fees charged will depend on the nature and duration of the assignment and the resources required and will be confirmed and agreed at the outset. I am flexible as to the pace that I carry out assignments so that the work may be spread over a period of time; my fees will only be invoiced as I carry out the work rather than in advance.

I will invoice on a basis that is mutually agreed in writing at the outset of the assignment so that there is transparency and clarity. Usually, unless agreed otherwise, this is monthly in arrears. If it is agreed to carry fees “on the clock”, I will confirm the accumulated fees at the end of each month. My terms of business are that invoices will be paid within seven days of receipt.

Arranging an exploratory discussion

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